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Alanna Gregory

Managing Partner

Prior to founding Constellation, Alanna Gregory was the founder and CEO of Vive, a YC-backed technology company with the mission of giving all busy women a faster, easier and more convenient way to maintain great-looking hair. 


Alanna has led product and growth consulting engagements and coached product and growth teams for venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 companies across NY, SF, LA and Europe.


Alanna holds a degree in Operations Research Engineering from Princeton University and, following graduation, worked in Thailand as a consultant where she founded Thailand’s first V-Day campaign.

Selina Wragg

Director of Accounts

Prior to Constellation, Selina Wragg was the Director of Marketing at a NY and Austin-based SaaS startup (Techstars ‘11). She led marketing and PR through their $11.2 million Series B funding round in 2015, and through to their subsequent acquisition in November 2018. 


Selina has over 10-years experience working with B2B and B2C startups, specializing in acquisition and growth strategies to accelerate pipeline volume; impacting more than $7M in opportunities at five startups.


Based in London, UK, she has worked with several startups within healthcare, SaaS, and consumer goods sectors, across NY, ATX, and London. 


Selina also acts as an advisor to privately funded and venture-backed early-stage startups.

Clint Dunn

Data Analyst

While at Constellation, Clint has worked on a range of projects across industries such as e-commerce, retail, dating, SaaS, and online media, implementing tracking and analytics infrastructure.


Prior to Constellation, Clint has held data analyst roles at Propeller Industries and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, working with large datasets. He is a graduate of Hobart College with an Honors degree in Economics.

Giuliana Galant

Art Director

Giuliana Galant began her career in magazines at Hearst Corporation, working her way up the art departments at Cosmopolitan Magazine, Dr. Oz Magazine, and, most recently, Food Network Magazine.


Throughout her publishing career, Giuliana art directed photoshoots and illustrations for recurring and feature pieces, and worked with editors to develop and concept story ideas.


Giuliana holds degrees in Graphic Design and Psychology, and was educated in Advertising Art Direction at Miami Ad School.


Her specialities include concept, layout design, typography, branding, retouching, photography, animation, video and UI design.

Reagan Murphy


Reagan holds degrees in English from The University of Oxford, UK, and The Catholic University of America. She also studied advertising at Miami Ad School. 


Her writing career spans the globe, as she has worked for a National Geographic photographer, as an in-house copywriter for a Parisian fashion house, and at an international ad agency. 


Her specialties include concepting, strategy, and crafting narratives that melt even the iciest of hearts.

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